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Client Comments

Thought I’d let you know… if you ever think good architecture and good design isn’t worth something, we have 2 couples having a bidding war on the house, which of course, is unheard of in this economy. They have managed to bump each other up $ 35,000.00 so far, which is considerably over the asking price and…you just never know, sometimes you get lucky, so Thank You


The  electric bill for 4-25-11thru 5-25-11-which includes the water pump as well-was $142.00.  This breaks down like this:  Service available charge – $15.00, Delivery charge $35.88 and Gen. & Tran. Charge $91.12.  I guess the Gen.& Tran. Charge is the REAL electricity.  During the winter months, I can’t recall that we had to put the system on.  The house was comfortable.  The verandas are a great help since the summer sun hardly ever touches the windows and the South side of the house has only windows in the master bath. We have planted grape vines outside the bathroom garden walls to eventually cover the bathroom garden roof which will give us shade in the summer and drop the leaves in the winter.  We enjoy the warmth of shaded sun in the winter that comes through the bathroom windows.
The temps have been in high 90s to 104 F with no rain.  So we are in a real heat wave and have been for the last month or so.  I don’t know what the electric bill SHOULD be, but we are not complaining about the cost at this point.  Most folks with older houses are paying $400/month.